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The internet allows consumers to have an abundance of choices between businesses and their products. Not to mention the average attention span is 3 seconds - meaning you have only that much time to make an impression before consumers keep scrolling.

Therefore, photography is a visual asset that provides competitive creativity that will help you stand out in a saturated market, and make your business more memorable.

What does my business have to sell?

What is sold can vary—your product can be a specific good, a type of service, or your brand as a whole.

Why can't I just use stock photos?

You can use stock photos, but studies show that we pay attention to people who look like real people in candid environments. Eye-tracking research shows that we treat photos of real people as important visual content, and we tend to ignore stock photos and "filler content" images.

In fact a study which tracked website user’s eye movements found that images considered important and scrutinized were those of real people and products, not stock photos.

As a result, not having brand-specific high-quality images can be a deal-breaker for your potential customers and investors.

Where can I use this photography?

your website, social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), email campaigns, email signatures, newsletters, sales pitches, presentations, press releases, and print materials like business cards, brochures, direct mail, sales sheets, flyers, magazines, & newspapers.

How many photos do I need?

It's more important to invest in multiple images and spread them out across many different platforms and mediums so that your brand stands out wherever your audience goes.

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